green-juiceLive ‘n’ Direct are a London based suppler of Fruit & Vegetables and Health Related Products. We deliver direct to your doorstep. Scientific research states that a diet rich in fruit & veg can cure many lifestyle illnesses. As a result we offer consultancy and education as to how this can be done.

To secure your orders each week we ask that you place a minimum £5 order before Wednesday night. Free delivery takes place from Thursday onwards at your convenience.

Our Mission is to provide awareness and foods that heal. These foods are Live Foods. When we say ‘live’ we are talking about foods that are considered living. Living means foods that come from a plant base source and eaten in its natural form. A diet rich in processed and animal products leads to mild and chronic illness such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Cancers.

To achieve a longer and healthier life, despite any age, it is recommended that we eat Greens. This means eating more spinach , broccoli and anything GREEN.

For an easier way to add more greens to your diet why not try some of our delicious Green juices and Smoothies. The body absorbs more vitamins, minerals and not forgetting those all important enzymes if Greens are taken in liquid form.


The Energizer, The Tonic and The Fruit Burst. Prices start from £3.00 for 250m1.

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